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Books! Books!

I guess this group never really took off, but I find myself with more books than I can possibly fit on shelves, so I thought I might as well see if this might get a few of them out of boxes and into people's brains...


I feel like I'm a bit behind on my graphic novel consumption. Read and loved Watchmen, Sandman, Y: The Last Man, Promethea and various others, still haven't read Transmetropolitan... what else have I missed?

I'd be very happy for anyone to borrow any of these, though I'd probably like to get them back at some point...
  • The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time
  • The Raw Shark Texts
  • Anansi Boys
  • Lonely Werewolf Girl
  • Armageddon in Retrospect
  • Timequake
  • Y: The Last Man - Unmanned (Book 1)
I'm pretty sure I won't miss any of these, but that's not to say they aren't worth reading...
  • Popcorn (Ben Elton)
  • The Scottish Parliament (Brian Taylor)
  • Teach Yourself Tai Chi
  • Teach Yourself JavaScript in 24 Hours
  • The Indypendium Part 1: 1986-1995 - 'A celebration of 20 years of Independent journalism'
  • Dreamweaver 3 - Using Dreamweaver
  • Soundings 31 - 'Opportunity Knocks'
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Since this community is so quiet

I thought I'd mention It seems to do the beg/steal aspects of this community, and I've listed a few books I WAS going to trade-away here. (I'm stephanie on that site if you're interested) the borrow side, of course, is over here still :-D

Beg: academic books

I'd be very grateful (and equally suprised) if anyone had any of the following books that I could borrow for a week (or even just a day to photocopy bits):

- Perspectives on the New Age (Lewis & Melton)
- Encyclopedic Sourcebook of New Age Religions (Lewis)
- The channeling zone : American spirituality in an anxious age (Brown)

Thanks :)
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Hello! I'm in Edinburgh, and have a fair number of books. Most of my novels are nineteenth-century or earlier, with the exception of SF and fantasy, any of which are OK to borrow. I have quite a lot of Renaissance plays.

First begs:

Has anybody got a copy of Neil Gaiman and Dave McKean's Mr Punch graphic novel? I can't find it anywhere! If anyone wants a recording of the radio play, I've got it.

Any Ursula K Le Guin, particularly the early stuff (not Earthsea books)?

Don Quixote in a good English translation.

Never Let Me Go by Kazuo Ishiguro.

Pale Fire by Vladimir Nabokov.

I'd be happy to borrow any of these and will not spill coffee on them.
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Hi everyone.

Ok. Well first off i'm based in Glasgow. I'm mostly into Sci-Fi and Fantasy but also enjoy historical war novels, current affairs and science. I've got a huge collection of classic sci-fi orignally collected by my father that I'd be willing to lend to people. At some points i'm hoping to get a list written but it's going to take a while. Many of the books are over 50 years old and have been well read so need a little taking care of. I also have some more recent stuff including almost everything Terry Pratchett has ever written.

I'd love to borrow any books people would recommend to me. I'm not all the fussy as I always like to try new things.

If there is a specific older sci-fi book people are looking to borrow drop me a line and I'll see if I've got it.

And yes. I did just post this on my own Journal. I am a moron. Please ignore my drooling stupidity.


(no subject)

Ok, well...Hi!

Most of my books are academic and they mostly concern Islam/ Islamic and/or Arabian history.

I do also have bookshelves full of very random books, from ones about digital video cameras to classics like Tess of the D'Urbervilles and Shakespeare.

I'm happy to lend (and maybe give away) most things, when people posts 'begs' I can rootle through and see if anything might be useful.

My books are in varying conditions, in terms of the randoms, as long as they're in one piece and still useable when they come back that is fine. My academic books are more precious and also are being used by me quite a lot at the moment! Maybe better for 'referencing'.

I'd be interested in borrowing academic books relevant to my studies, but otherwise I'll probably not borrow much as I have little time to read for pleasure :)



With the proding of the mod, I'm introducing myself!

Um... I like Sci Fi, Fantasy, history (both real and historical fiction), and romance. Oh and knitting/craft books, though I'll understand if these aren't considered lendable by the owners! Oh, on a tangent, perhaps any meetings could have "reference" books too-- ones that the owners don't want to be lent out, but are happy to have someone read if they're both at the meeting?

What else... few months back, I was looking for LGBT romance novels; the current "Loud & Proud" display at the McDonald Road library is wonderful! I come & go on bouts of 19th century women's lit (not really sure what the genre is properly called, but Jane Austen, etc), and on Regency/Historical romance novels. Although the more "real" history I learn, the more it bugs me when facts aren't right.

I've a nice pile of books from the library at the moment (if anyone cares, two by Jane Austen, my first stab at reading George Elliot, Anita and Me, and the new Harry Potter), so i'm not begging for anything at the moment, and will have to go through the shelves for anything to give away... meanwhile, I suppose I could ask for future reference: anyone know any good LGB or T romance novels? Or good modern-British romance? (I'm an american and moved here recently, so I haven't sorted out yet who's good fluff and who's rubbish!)
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*hears her voice echo*

Please start posting about yourselves, your favorite books, authors otherwise we'll never get this show off the road! Even if you don't have books that you particularly want, this community is also about pressing that book you love and changed your life on other people who share similar tastes - so it don't matter if you're a giver or a taker.
Few items of business:
1. chillies, one of the moderators of the incredibly useful and efficient group Freecycle Edinburgh has suggested that we could have our first meeting at the Really Free Market, which is scheduled for sometime in January. I think that's a splendid idea as it's in keeping with the spirit of what this group is about. So if you get posting now, we'll have plenty to exchange at the meeting.
2. One thing that I'm hoping will set scotbookswap apart from similar groups is the opportunity to borrow books - I was thinking it might be constructive to have a central register (possibly a separate community set up for the purpose) where people can note who borrowed what and when - also, how long should these borrowing periods last? And it would be nice if they were renewable, yes? One reason for doing this is that in the event that someone loses a book, they can (at the discretion of the lender) reimburse the lender, in books, or possibly cash. None of this is written in stone btw, please let me know what you think, either here or at mimeomai at gmail dot com.
3. Some of you, I noticed are registered as 'watching' the group but don't have posting access - I think if you make sure to 'join' the group, rather than click the 'friend' button, then that should be resolved.

We've already had one match (see previous entry) so get posting!
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Hi - thanks for the enthusiastic response! Right, I've never done anything like this before so rules are going to be made up as we go along - please feel free to offer suggestions, criticism, ideas that you think will make this a more efficient and enjoyable community.

Here goes...
I enjoy literary fiction, biography, graphic novels and poetry. I'm also interested in books on the history of publishing, printing and typography. Favorite authors: Italo Calvino, Vikram Seth, Neil Gaiman, A.S. Byatt, Virginia Woolf. (to name a few)

Begs for:
1. John Crowley's The Evening Land, to borrow (although if someone's up for letting me steal it that would be fine and dandy as well ;))